Fundamentals of Life!

I finished living 11,323 days today! (I mean I turned 31 years today!) And on birthdays I often turn into Thinker Mode 😛 So here are the 10 most important Fundamental virtues of life I have understood in these 31 years:

  1. Love is the fundamental driving force of the universe! If there is love in each transaction we do with life, then eventually you would have lived a story worth telling. Put love into the work, and eventually, you become irreplaceable. Love unconditionally to another human being and see life blooming in each moment. Love yourself and you would enjoy each moment. 
  1. If you are really smart you should be ‘aware’ of life being lived. Be aware and witness your place here on the planet. A human truly aware of each fraction of the moment would know how to be happy. An aware human would seek truth. An aware human would have an inner force to change the course of life at any moment. All the philosophies of the world boil down to being aware at the micro and macro level.
  1. You are so unique life that there is nothing in this entire existence like you. No two leaves of any tree are the same. No two blood cells are the same. No two fish in the ocean are the same. Even a bond between two atoms is never the same in the entire universe. And hence, the way you live life should be unique to you. Innovate. Innovate your way of living this beautiful fragment. Find the truest form of your life before it shuts down. We live once.
  1. Simplify each transaction. Eat simple foods. Be friends with simple and truthful people. Understand that the simplest activities in daily life are the most beautiful. Cooking, Dancing, Listening to music, Walking without purpose, bathing, Washing, and cleaning and each simple act that all creatures on the planet do are most beautiful. If you love these acts, you would live each day with richness. Life is nothing but a string of days lived well. 
  1. Be long-term in every way possible. Witness the results of loving someone for decades. Witness results of investing for decades. Witness being better than yesterday for a decade. Witness results of eating healthy food for a decade. Witness reading books for a decade. Witness playing sports or just being super active for a decade. Be long-term because at the end of the day this one ideology would be a game-changer in the scale of life. 
  1. Try to be a really good human being. Truly good are rare. Truly empathetic are rare. Truly truthful, honest, and transparent humans are rare to find. I know the world might have given you a kick on the ass so many times, they would have broken your heart, but see – there is so much upside to being ‘rare’. A fantastic friend, lovable partner, good leader, or memorable stranger is ‘rare’. Look at the upside of being Good.
  1. Find a circle of 10. Read so much that you find those ten thinkers who are most important in shaping your life. Find those 10 besties who would make your journey remarkable and memorable. Find those 10 nice humans with whom you would want to build a team or company or career. Live so deep and with so much awareness that you find those 10 habits which shape you. Well, 10 is just a number here, but find your circle of competence in each phase of life. 
  1. This very moment is full of billions of possibilities. I have seen even the smartest people living miserable lives. They can’t dance, laugh loud, enjoy the rain, or sing a song badly. They keep thinking about what the world would think about them. They become slaves of bad habits, insane scrolling, intense anger, and unstoppable self-misery. Do you know why? They think they control their ‘choices’. Actually, they aren’t doing it well. See – Even though life is an ocean of grand randomness, you can actually mold your choices. You can have a choice of how to live this and the next fraction of seconds. You don’t have to control it, but you should be well aware that each passing moment could be lived differently among billions of permutations. 
  1. Forgive humans. Forgive life whenever it brought you bad surprises. Forgive those who broke your heart or did an injustice. Remove noise. Forgive them. Move on. The point is – even if you don’t, the amount of entropy being invested in anger, anxiety, and hatred is not worth it. Also, this noise works as a catalyst. You transact a noise with others and you affect the entropy of the world. In the long term, when you look back, you realize that it was not worth the energy. 
  1. If possible – Give. Give something to the world without much expected in return. Inspire. Innovate. Be an agent of truth. Be a catalyst of a positive sum game. Be a light among the darkness. Be a helping hand to someone in need. Give hugs and heart. Give a fraction of your wealth to someone in need. Give and what you will see is the world giving back without you noticing this grand design of Karma. 


3 thoughts on “Fundamentals of Life!

  1. Awesome Brother and Happiest Birthday to you…હમેશાં પ્રગતિ કરતા રહો અને પ્રગતિ કરાવતા રહો એવી શુભેચ્છાઓ…😀👌👏👏🥳🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

    Yours Faithfully,
    Mayur Dhameliya

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ખજાનો મળી ગયો એવી ખુશી થઇ કારણકે ૨૦૨૨માં તમે રણ જ રાખ્યું છે લખાણમાં 😏😐… ૨૦૨૩ મન ભરીને વરસો આવી આશા સાથે… જન્મદિવસની ખૂબ ખૂબ શુભકામનાઓ અમારાં પ્રિયને…


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