A small trip of Gokarna beach…

It was office holiday for Saturday-Sunday. I left office at 8PM. Went home. I was feeling something missing in life. (I have been working a lot that week)

At 8:30 @Home I searched few places to visit around Bangalore. From the lists, ‘Gokarna’ 500 km away from Bangalore felt good.

I took old college bag and booked KSRTC bus of 10 PM. In 1 hour I was at Bus-stand. Rain started. I took the window seat. The overnight journey from Bangalore to Gokarna begun. That night was just beautiful. Cold breeze, lonely villages, small hotels on the route took way all the missing element of life. In morning 5 am, the beauty of Karnataka villages is beyond words.

I reached Gokarna at 10 AM morning. I was washing my face at bus-station. One 60 years around old man came to me. Asked me if I want Home-stay room! I said yes.


He gave me a small room in his house. Cost – 400 Rs. 

After taking bath, I went out for food. I had no food since last 18 hours. Went to one Beach-side Dhosa shop. Ate like an animal. Then went to the main beach.


Very few people. 


I wanted to go on that Hill. So I went.


On the way to hill…


I love these crab-holes. Watching them existing like this is beautiful. 


This is what human does to Ocean. Yes its Us.


It’s everywhere. This is what becomes of our garbage thrown in ocean over the time. 


See! He is throwing his own garbage too…


Somebody write novel on what this fish feels… 🙂


From top of the hill…


This locked tample had snake inside!


On the hill-top, I was reading one novel for an hour. Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the shore. I looked back, and at far distance saw on house on the hill!



Yes!! It was a house and a library. Here!


Here, the 95-year-old man and his son are handling this library. Foreigner tourists visit it most. I went there and sat with them for an hour. Their life story was a great tale. This old man was a friend of great figures of India before independence. He created this library. The books are rare. Our Mallika Sarabhai also gifted many books here. He said he has read many of books. That’s what he does for the living. 


What I heard from that old man was the wisdom of older times, how reading cultivates your life, and how our politicians were back in the 19th century.


I gifted my Haruki Murakami Book to them! I just wanted to…

Then, they offered me a little food. (As I told them I am Gujarati author, they were extremely happy!) They guided me to another beach of Gokarna. Its name is: Kudle



That hotel was a really good place to just seat. 


…and a small drink. 😉


I looked like giant ગોકળગાય 😉 It’s a boat. 


At around 4 PM I started walking towards another beach named: Om Beach.



I walked till that far distant beach. It’s Om beach. 

I googled and found that sunset on Kudle beach is mesmorising. I started walking back to where I was at noon time. On my way back, I met this great guy.


His name is Nicolai. He is German who is living in Madras city and working in NGO. He is just 20, but what a great person.


We talked about our lives, India, Germany, Reading books, and his GF. We waited for Sunset at Kudle beach


And here it goes!



The ocean ate the Sun.

It was a moment to remember. Me,

Me, Nicolai, and third friend Mateen (from Bangalore) we three sat at the ocean till late night. We had food together near my room. They were also solo travelers. We became very good friends in few hours.

We are meeting again in Bangalore next month. In a rock band concert!

So….My trip to Gokarna was over in a day, but next day morning when I woke up, my office colleague called me and said Monday is the holiday. It’s national labor day. So I had to plan another two day trip. Nicolai suggested me Humpi.

So I went on an adventurous trip of Humpi. The Greatest solo-trip for me. Will share it someday… 🙂

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