Confessing about my Confession!

Long confession. Isn’t it? Sorry…

It was the Techfest and I participated in Treasure-Hunt. My team was in final and remaining item to search was Ear-ring of any girl. And for that I was running here and there in CE building. That time I saw few girls coming from 309 class and I shouted, “Anyone with Ear-ring please?” They all girls were gone when someone softly touched my shoulder and said”Take mine”.
“Oh God! I love you. Have you made her in your summer vacation” I thought. I hunted the treasure! But when she was removing her ring, I felt deep pain looking her. I was trembling, unable to move my eyes off her pretty face, cute smile and bright-beautiful eyes.
“Here it is” My hand was shaking when She handed me ring.
Looking at me she said “What?”
”Nothing ”I said.
“Now..gothen!”But I was just froze at her eyes.
“Why?”I said.
“Are baba.. tumhe tumhari team wale bularahe he” she smiled. I ran, not looking back.
We won. Then it was hard to find her to return her ring. Finally after half an hour I saw her siting in the square of CE building. She smiled . “Shit, Why am I so nervous again?”I thought.
“So you won?”
“Then party huh?”she said.
“Sure. Nescafe?”
“As you wish”she said.
“So..Lets go.” We went there and had long time together.
“Don’t chase me on FB please”she said. But I knew the answer,“Oh..yes. Right.What’s your name?”. And journey begins.
You know, some moments are not easy to describe in words. You just feel them. Live them. And store them in one deep corner of heart as eternal memories. And believe me all the time we spent was all about such moments together. She was simple, free minded and soul-mate type girl. I would bunk lectures and go to Nescafe with her. Just talking for hours. I never tried to tell her that I like her. Neither she told me at all. But we knew it under banner called ‘just friends’. She was my best friend. We would go to movies, Garba and parties together. We would exchange novels a lot as we both like. But somehow we exchanged our hearts as well? God knows! Our relationship was silent and nameless!
We had deep care for each other. But one day our silence broke. As usual, we met at Nescafe. She was nervous. She hugged me tightly and after a while she said, “Hey, I am in love with one boy in my society”.
“Okey”I said.I was just to cry.
“So..?”She knew her words stabbed me in my heart.
“He is the lucky one..What else?” I said.
“Why so?”she smiled.
“Because he has got a girl like you” I tried to smile but too late! One tear drop was resting at one corner of my eye.
“Opps..” she said and hugged me again. And just after a moment I laterally cried like a baby. Slowly she started crying as well. No one was around there that time, but that Nescafe cook boy was smiling at us. He came out of store and came to us.He gave me Dairy-milk chocolate and said, “Happy birth alya..”. I looked at her. Oh… It was my birthday. I didn’t tell her, but she knew. Later she confessed that -She had all that planned, but she never thought that I would cry for her! Whatever…She gave me best gift in my life- ‘Herself’.
Dear readers. This is how our silent relationship made some noise. Ofcourse that noise was our crying and sobbing at Nescafe on my birthday, but THE REAL CONFESSION still remains!
On that day, when I went to return her ear-ring in square of CE building. I forgot to return the ring. Irony of our relation is that- She never ever told me to give her back, yet she knew it! When I realized it, I also didn’t give her! I still have it! Still she hasn’t said a word about that ring! Yet,we both know it. Isn’t it most silent relationship?

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