My heart I followed you: My love story….:

What is the longest time you have spent for someone waiting? What is the best time in your life? Which moment you will love to live again if you get the choice? Well, in my case, I have a single answer for all this questions:” The moments I had spent waiting for my love…Reeva! ”

It was a dark. The time was just 5 o’clock of evening but dark clouds all over enclosed my village. The raining was just to begin and Cold wind was blowing. Birds were uneasy with sudden eve and were flying to settle somewhere. I was in the middle of the waterless river throwing stones here and there. The rain was yet to begun, water was yet to fall down, but my heart and my eyes were already wet and I was already broke down.

Both of them; rain and Reeva came together. I could feel both from their fragrance. Reeva wore a green dress and white flowers design which I loved the most. She was with beautiful smile on her, which years before made me fall in love with her at the first sight. I always told her in our secret meetings in this river that’ God was the greatest painter and he quitted his job after feeling colors in your face! Because he may realize that he wouldn’t able to paint more beautiful face then yours!’ She would lough continuously on my comment.

I stood up as she came near me. We did a tight hug as I always did. This was the rule that whenever we would meet each other we would hug for a while. A flash of light and then big crake of lightening helped me to hold her as tight as I can. Raining and dark was increasing and at the same time our heart bits. There was a time we both spent together without speaking a word and just feeling our love and existence, but today it was our last hug, last secrete meeting together and the last few words to share. The last few moments….

“So….Bye” I spoke hesitatingly. She was looking continuously at my face. She realized that I was not able to stop my tears.

“Hey…Why are you crying? Listen me, you will ruin this moment. Do not cry like girls.” She actually started to cry with!

“We are going apart Reeva. This is it. We won’t meet again in our life. What else can I do except crying.” I managed to speak such long sentence despite of lump in my throat. I hugged her again.

“Well….You remember your promise na? You are breaking your promise dude. You promised me: You will never cry because of me any time.” She told.

“Oh…ya…Sorry madam, from now I will not cry any time because of you or your sweet memories.” There wasn’t need of washing my face, because my tears were already washed out with rain. We smiled at each other, not finding what to speak.

“Ok then. What about our deal?” she said. To get answer from her I raised my eyebrows as I wanted to hear her voice for last few minutes before we get apart.

“See…..First of all, we will focus on our college studies rather than remembering our days of secrete meeting and romancing. You will not find another girl. And yes…You girl will not cry because of me girl! ” We both chuckled. She continued. We talked for a long time, but then…

“Hey…..” She touched my face and said. Her voice was dark and emotional. I felt awkward.

“We have a single, short and sweet life to live. Promise me that you will do what you love to do. You will find what your heart loves. You will never spend a life without spark of doing something which gives you happiness. Promise me that you will follow your heart and you will mean my words. Hey….Reeva will be always in your heart, so you have to listen to it. One day…May be after years…We both will meet here in this river…and then we will never apart. Your Reeva will remain yours forever.” Her caring words touched me like a lightening to the earth. I nodded her and silently promise myself that I will fulfill my promise. I smiled.

“Reeva…..Love you” I said kissing on her wet cheek. She smiled and rested her head on my heart. “Love you too…” she said. I felt that she was now crying. She suddenly started to walk back towards home. I felt a pain of losing someone whom you love the most. We never said bye-bye to each other after our meetings in past, because she don’t like that word. Last time, to tease her…I yelled….”Hey Reeva….bye-bye…”

She looked behind and smiled and wiped her tears. She disappeared in the dark. I was just to broke- down in tears, but I kept my promise that I will never cry for her.
* * * * * * * *

I sat on the same place where we met three years before. Yes…Three years completed today. Today rain was yet to come, but dark was already arrived.

“She died. She died leaving me alone.” I told to cold teasing wind. Lightening was kissing earth. I remembered our deal on that day. I could not control myself. I covered my face with both hands and closed my eyes. Rain started and my tears as well. “I am breaking on my promise Reeva.”

I cried. I cried a lot. God took her in his arms, may be God doesn’t considered my arms strong enough to hold her life time. Silently I thanked God that he gave me a reason for life…Her memories…Her last words. I realized that ‘Bye-bye’…First and last. She will remain forever in my heart.
* * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * *

We were classmate….soul mates…true, best friends….And perhaps life mates! We did our schooling together in my village school. She didn’t belong from my village. She came in because our school was famous among all other villages. She was actually at her uncle’s home. So, she was a guest of my village for seven years! Yes, we spent seven years together, but a feeling called love came after ninth standard. There was a time we fought, cried, broke up, patched up, but after all we were the one. She wore a dress which I like; I wore shirts which she liked. She would bring my favorite chocolates in her lunch-box and I would bring nothing! She always called me girl because of my crying on everything. Our parents were aware of our friendship and life was on its best. After that last meeting in river, I came in engineering and she joined arts. She loved poems and so she preferred arts degree. One day poem of our love became wordless. That half poem is living in my heart , and I am trying to find words to fulfill it.
She died in truck accident. She was going at her college on bike with her father. Her father lost his left leg. I was even unknown of incident till one day I called her father.

‘Sometimes you just spend whole your life on someone’s words.’ I did. I lost my love, but I kept our deal alive. I did what I loved in my life. I followed my inner voice, my heart and I believed that it is always her voice. She is a force of my life…A reason…vision…A conclusion.

Today if I am able to write this article then it is because of her. After my admission in college, I found my interest in writing and so I followed my soul. I kept my promise. I am now loving my heart and only listening to it, because I know that she is there in my heart.
“Reeva……I followed my heart.”


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